Bosz: ‘It may well be that I say: it has been beautiful afterthat’

Peter Bosz doesn‘t rule out Olympique Lyon being his last job as a trainer. The 57-year-old practice master has a great time at Les Gones, where he feels confidence from the club leadership.
Bosz sees his way of playing is getting better and better. โ€œI want to win, perhaps in a more difficult way than is necessary,โ€ he says in a comprehensive interview with De Cceit. โ€œBut it’
s a way that lots of people enjoy. I think you should offer supporters something if they‘ve bought an expensive ticket. There will be plenty of fans who are happy if their club wins and they don’t care about how. But for example at Ajax, supporters expect more there. Good football, spectacle, talented players.โ€
Bosz had a difficult start in the south of France, where he started to work with the necessary doubts anyway. โ€œIf I‘m being honest, we said to each other here: maybe this will be the first time we’re not going to succeed. Okay, Ajax took a while, but at Leverkusen it was very fast and we started very well at Dortmund as well. Here I really had the fear that it wasn‘t going to work out. I’ve completely lost that fear now.โ€
Although Lyon is currently only tenth in the Ligue 1, Bosz sees the progression. He‘s glad the board keeps trust in him. โ€œYou know, if a trainer has qualities, let him work for a time at a club. That stability needs a team in my eyes to continue to grow. That’s what you can see at Manchester City, Liverpool and now Ajax.โ€
Bosz feels good with Lyon, but doesn‘t rule out the fact that it’s his last job as a trainer. โ€œI have a contract here until 2023, and I might say after that, it‘s been nice. I don’t pin on anything. But you have to remember that I hardly see my children and grandchildren.โ€