Bosz leaving Lyon through the front door: I shook a smart mans hand

Peter Bosz can leave Olympique Lyon through the front door. Chairman Jean-Michel Aulas says in French media that the Bosz project has failed, but still shows respect for the Dutch trainer.
Bosz was put aside by Lyon‘s club management on Sunday. When we shook Peter’s hand, I shook a smart man‘s hand. Someone who is loyal, probably hasn’t achieved the stated goals, but is a good man.
I would also like to say that we are working on the future, says Aulas. We take our responsibilities. We always try to weigh the sporting, economic and human elements. After Toulouse, when it was assured that we would not achieve the set goals, we decided to find a solution that does justice to our ambition. At the same time, we are showing that we are willing to take a number of risks.