‘Bosz would like to prove something, but has to wait for shareholders’

Peter Bosz is confident that he will be successful with Olympique Lyonnais next season. This year, the results are not really good yet, but the position of the Dutchman is not under pressure.
Chairman Jean-Michel Aulas had already recorded that Bosz did not have to worry and the practice master from Apeldoorn does not do that himself. LÉquipe knows that Bosz plans to continue working at Groupama Stadium and lead Lyon as final responsibility again next season.
He believes he has something to prove, because Lyon is currently eighth in the French league and is threatening to seize alongside European football. In the Europa League, OL was also inglorously eliminated in the quarter-final by West Ham United, but all of that is not charged by Bosz. His playing style pleases well and he gets the time.
The only party that can still put a spanner in it is the shareholders of Lyon. The French may have to deal with new parties that are allowed to decide on the future of the club and if they do not want to continue with Bosz, it can still stop for the Dutchman.