Both No More Heroes will be released on Steam on June 9 – need a gamepad

No More Heroes will finally get to PC – release of both parts will happen on June 9 on Steam. Pages of the dilogy have already opened in the store (first and second), although pre-orders are not available. It is quite expected that both games will remain without translation into Russian, but also users will have to connect gamepads – the keyboard and mouse are not supported.

The series is an extraordinary Japanese slasher, where the main bet is made on diversity and madness. Genres are constantly changing.

In addition, a release trailer was prepared for each game. First: Second partNow No More Heroes are available on the Wii and Nintendo Switch, but developers have repeatedly expressed a desire to port games to PlayStation.

In addition, in August, the long-awaited third part will be released – so far only for Nintendo Switch. More on CCeit The premiere of the series โ€œThe Story of Lisiโ€ by Stephen King In โ€œDoctor Strange 2 after the arrival of Sam Raimi much remade โ€œfrom scratchโ€ Complete the game from โ€œKanobuโ€, find the Magic Tablets and get half a kingdom!.