Botman clashed with Ajax trainer: ‘He sometimes got a response from adolescent boys’

Winston Bogarde has been working at Ajax for about five years now, where he mainly focuses on the further development of young talents towards the first team. He does this in his own way, sees Ajax 1 trainer Erik ten Hag. Boys like Perr Schuurs and Sven Botman can talk about it.

Ten Hag indicates that Bogarde is a different type of trainer than usual. “Winston brings emotion. He is a bit more extravagant than the rest of the staff, a different character”, says Ten Hag in conversation with Het Parool. “Winston is close to the players, he is hard on himself and hard on others. He lives to win and doesn’t shy away from the hard way. Football players have to get the best out of themselves, but sometimes they need a push”
Bogarde also tried to give that nudge to Schuurs. The young defender from Limburg played a good preparation and seems to have enforced a basic place in the first team. Partly because of Bogarde‘s tips: the youth coach gave Schuurs the advice to stop laughing in the field. “The appearance towards your opponents is important. For me it’s only good that someone looks after me like that and is busy with me“, says Schuurs.
Bogarde also played a major role in Botman’s development, the OSC Lille player himself admits. “
In the beginning it was certainly not pleasant between us. I had to get used to his direct and hard approach. He had to get used to the fact that he sometimes got a response from those adolescent boys. That sometimes bumped, but we became friends”, he concludes.