Botman surprises teammate at Lille: ‘I just thought he had potential’

The fact that Sven Botman is already associated with European top clubs is not surprising by teammate Josรฉ Fonte. The two stand together at the heart of the defense at OSC Lille. Fonte didnt think Botman would have been so developed.

โ€œIts a top player,โ€ says Fonte at TalkSport. โ€œI must say that I was surprised when he first arrived here. I didnt expect him to be that good already. I just thought it was a young player with potential, but hes already very developed. Before his age (21, red.) he is already mature.โ€
โ€œIts a real defender,โ€ Fonte enumerates the qualities of Botman. โ€œAnd by that I mean he likes to defend. He likes to play simple, is strong, tall and wins his duels. He doesnt make the game any more difficult than necessary. Hes doing very well here, so Im not surprised theres any interest in him.โ€
Botman did not play a match for Ajax 1, but is in the Ligue 1 weekly. Topspitsen like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Moise Kean are struggling against the defender from Badhoevedorp. โ€œWhen you see his matches, especially against the top teams, you
re sure he can play at the highest level. He just needs to go on, get better, get some experience, and then he has a great career. Hes doing very, very well. He has everything to succeed in the top, but we are very happy with him and hope he stays with us.โ€