Boulahrouz wants to become head coach in the future: ‘I have like’

Khalid Boulahrouz smells at the AZ youth at the trainers profession. The Ziggo Sports analyst seems to be a bit of a head coach in the future.
In conversation with the AZ club channels Boulahrouz explains that he initially wanted to join the Alkmaarders to see if he likes the trainers
profession. โ€œI liked it well. I can tell from the fun when Im on the field and working with the boys. Time goes very fast when Im on the field. For me, these are important factors that I think, โ€œHey, I think Im having a good time.โ€
Boulahrouz also explains why he chose to experiment at AZ as a trainer. โ€œI have always kept good memories of my time at AZโ€, says the former defender, who played at the Alkmaar club between 2000 and 2001. โ€œIn recent years, I have also come here regularly to watch the youth, purely out of my pleasure.โ€ Boulahrouz will start his trainer course at the KNVB in September.