Boundarys new trailer featured a few seconds of gameplay

Chinese studio Surgical Scalpels and publishing house Skystone Games revealed a fresh trailer of their online space shooter Boundary during IGN Fan Fest 2021 event. And in it you can see a few seconds of gameplay in its current state. Initially, the release of Boundary was scheduled for 2019, then the game was also called Project Boundary.

Over time, the premiere was postponed to 2020, but now the creators of the game expect the owners of RS and PlayStation 4 to get acquainted with it in the summer of 2021. On other platforms, it will appear later.

Boundary – tactical space shooter, in which teams fight in conditions of weightlessness or reduced gravity. The game takes place on orbiting space stations, and enemies are not only other players, but also some hostile entities.

At the moment in the game is planned four main modes, in that the number of the fight to the last survivor and capture of locations. Players will be able to choose from four classes, but weapon variations, special devices, enhancements and modifications allow you to adjust the hero to the preferred style of play.

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