Bounty hunter bonuses โ€” whats new in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online players have another bonus week this week: they have the opportunity to earn more RDO $ and experience, earn โ€œPrompt Arrow & Club privileges Raquo; #4 and take advantage of good discounts. Additional bonuses await all bounty hunters: Poster crime capture and free mode events are available.

Quests are subject to a 50% increase to RDO$ and Role Experience, a 30% discount on the prison van, and double rewards. The Prompt Shooterโ€ #2.

Of course, you should not forget about the discounts. Best Offers: Superior Lasso โ€” 40% Off; All Balls โ€” 50% Off; Bounty Hunter License โ€” 5 Gold Discount; Famous Hunter License per head โ€” 3 gold discount; Headhunter products โ€” 30% discount.

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