Boxing legend Mayweather announces return for early next year

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather returns to the boxing ring next year on February 28. The 43-year-old American will take action in the Japanese capital Tokyo during the battle show ‘Mega 2021’. Only the date is known, who Mayweather is going to fight was not disclosed.

In 2017, Mayweather announced that he would never box again. That was after he defeated the Irish MMA man Conor McGregor. โ€œThis was my last fight. Definitely. It was really my last fight,โ€ said the American boxer at the time.

The fight with McGregor was described as the ‘boxing match of the century’. After ten laps, the referee ended the match and Mayweather won the battle with a technical knockout.

Undefeated as a pro boxer

For Mayweather, the victory meant his fiftieth victory in fifty performances as a pro boxer. He also became world champion in five different weight classes.

A year after the party with McGregor, Mayweather returned. Not for a boxing match, but for a mixed martial arts fight with 20-year-old Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa. That party ended up in a sof. After a few minutes, Nasukawa gave up.

Mayweather raised a billion dollars in his career. His nickname is Money for a reason. According to Forbes business magazine, there are only two other athletes who have earned so much money: basketball player Michael Jordan and golfer Tiger Woods.