Boy (2) take off mouth cap for snack, taken off aeroplane together with mother

Jodi Degyansky (34) and her two-year-old son were evicted this weekend from an aeroplane from Florida to Chicago, because the boy took off his mouth mask to eat something.

The plane had already left at the gate, but returned to evict the two. Degyansky started the discussion with the staff, because in the meantime the boy had just put the mouthguard back on, but to no avail. “We are trying to get him used to it, but he is two years old,” the woman tells USA Today.

According to the guidelines, children two years of age and older must wear a mouthguard that covers their nose and mouth if they cannot keep enough distance. “My child really turned a fortnight ago. I understand that you have to draw the line somewhere, but a little compassion for each individual’s circumstances would be nice”

Degyansky said he felt humiliated when the plane returned to the gate. According to her, the airline tried to arrange another flight for her, but there was no more flight that would go to Chicago the same day. She decided to buy tickets from another airline, but that cost her 600 dollars.

“I was really left to my own devices – how do I get home? What if I didn’t have the money to pay the 600 dollars?” She has heard that Southwest Airlines is going to return the money, but she has not yet received it. The airline has responded by saying they will contact her and find out exactly what happened.