Boy (13) delivers knives: ‘From now on I dissolve it with fists’

After a call to hand in knives voluntarily and unpunished, a small number of young people reported yesterday to the Maaswijk youth centre in Spijkenisse. In total, 17 thrusting weapons were issued.

โ€œ I entered here with heart palpitations. But it feels good,โ€ says a 13-year-old boy, after turning in three guns, against RTV Rijnmond. โ€œMy mother also said she‘s proud of me doing this. From now on, I have to fix it with my fists.โ€

The voluntary surrender action in Spijkenisse was already planned before Minister Grapperhaus announced this week that there will be a total ban on knives for young people. โ€œWe see this action as a first step,โ€ says district agent Frank Vermoen. โ€œWe would have liked to combine it with a big game event for young people. Corona didn’t make this happen. But the approach to the knife problem can not wait. So we‘re definitely going to do this more often.โ€

โ€œI also had a machete.โ€

Most visitors at the voluntary surrender meeting lay down their knives and walk away quickly. The 13-year-old boy is the only one who really enters the youth center. He skillfully hid the knives. One of them is taped to his upper body under his shirt. โ€œI stole them, but I’ve had 18 years old boys buy me knives before.โ€

Two years ago, he started wearing knives. โ€œI was scared. I didn‘t want them to rob me of expensive stuff or clothes. I even had a machete for a while.โ€

Drill music

According to the teenager, the origin of the knife problem lies with drill-music, in which rappers tell about the hard life on the streets. Weapons can often be seen in accompanying YouTube videos. Youth worker Driss Boutahar from youth center Maaswijk also mentions the influence of music great. โ€œThis should be a warning for parents. If your child is listening to this kind of music, you might need to have a conversation about this.โ€

Recently there have been a number of serious stabbing incidents involving teenagers in Spijkenisse, such as at metro station Heemraadlaan. The city council then decided that young people should be searched preventively. โ€œThat’s also a reason for me to hand in my knives,โ€ says the 13-year-old. โ€œI don‘t want to get caught. Then I have a big problem. I’ve been caught with a bread knife once. I can‘t let that happen again, because I’ll have a criminal record.โ€