Boy (6) who survived as the only cable car drama has been kidnapped to Israel

Italian police opened an investigation on Sunday into the kidnapping of Eitan, the six-year-old boy who was the only one who survived the cable lift drama in northern Italy.

The only one Eitan survived the dramatic accident in the Italian seaside town of Stresa. A cable lift crashed on May 23 due to the failure of the cable car braking system. A total of thirteen occupants lost their lives. Eitan was badly injured and kept in an artificial coma for a time, but eventually recovered from all his injuries. The psychological consequences would be more severe: the boy lost his father (30), mother (26), brother (2) and great-grandparents (81 and 71).

An aunt of the boy, his fathers sister, has become his legal guardian since the drama in May. Eitan lives with her, but his mothers family doesnt agree. They too want custody of the boy and want him to move to Israel, where part of the family lives. The judge decided otherwise: Eitan would stay in Italy with his aunt, the rest of the family was granted visitation rights. During one of those visits, the boys grandfather didnt bring him back to the aunt.

โ€œMet with his parentsโ€

In an interview with Israeli Radio 103, the maternal aunt gave her own version of the facts. โ€œWe didnt kidnap him, we brought him home. We had to do it because we did not get information about Eitans physical and mental health,โ€ said the woman from Israel. โ€œWe brought him home because his parents would like to. The coronavirus couldnt do that, but its what we agreed with them.โ€

The President of Milans Jewish community condemned โ€œthe act that violates Italian and international laws.โ€ The Pavia Prosecutors Office has opened an investigation into the kidnapping.