‘Boy (7) swims hours to get stranded dad and sister rescued’

A 7-year-old boy from the American state of Florida is acclamed as a hero for saving his family thanks to his good swimming skills. His father and sister were driven away by the current on a river.

Father Steven Poust told a local news channel this month under the CNN umbrella that he was sailing with his son Chase (7) and daughter Abigail (4).

The little girl was hanging at the back of the boat, when she suddenly let go. Thats why she fell into the water. Chase, who, like his sister, was wearing a lifejacket, also jumped into the water in an attempt to save his sister.

Then father Poust also decided to dive into the water. He told Chase that he had to swim ashore to get help while he himself would care about daughter Abigail. “I said I loved him. He did not know what was happening,” brings the father back. He was actually trying to stay with both of the kids, but exhausted himself.

It took Chase an hour to get to the side.

He tells on TV that he was going to float on his back and maneuvered himself “stepping water” to the side, a strategy not to get exhausted too quickly, says the boy.

Meanwhile, father and daughter had already floated two to three kilometers away from the boat, according to a reconstruction by the Jacksonville Fire Department. It was activated after Chase crawled ashore, found the boat, but had to call in other teams to find the father and daughter.

The dime could have fallen the other way, says a fire brigade spokesman at a press conference. “All possible help we could have received was activated immediately. We are happy to report that all three of them are recovering and feeling good.”