Boy arrested for two dead Kenosha, federal law enforcement officers on their way

U.S. police have arrested a 17 year old boy in the investigation into the deaths of two people in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, where demonstrations have been going on for days. On Sunday, the black American Jacob Blake was shot in the back several times by the police, allegedly in front of his children. He was paralyzed in the process. Since then Kenosha has been in the grip of protests and violent riots.

In Blake’s car a knife was found, the Prosecutor’s Office in Wisconsin announced at a press conference tonight. Blake would have admitted that he was in possession of a knife. It wasn’t clear earlier whether Blake was in possession of a weapon.

Video footage shows someone being chased and floored by an angry mob last night. Lying on the ground, he shot around him, hitting several bystanders. Later it became clear that two people were shot and one bystander was injured.

Day, police announced that a few miles away, in the town of Antioch, Illinois, a 17-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of two murders. According to press agency AP, this is a white boy who is a great admirer of the police. Authorities tell local media it is unclear if he was part of a militia.

The news of the arrest follows shortly after President Trump’s announcement that he will immediately send federal law enforcement officers to Kenosha, “to restore law and order”. “We will not accept looting, arson, violence and lawlessness,” Trump writes on Twitter about the move.

“My team just got off the phone with Governor Evers, who is accepting federal support,” Trump said. Indeed, Governor Evers, a Democrat, announced shortly afterwards that he supports the arrival of the security forces. Evers himself had already deployed the National Guard. So now there will be more reservists.

The Ministry of Justice sends more than 200 enforcers to Kenosha, from among others the FBI.

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A curfew is in force in the city from tonight until Sunday. Mayor Antaramarian says he doesn’t accept that the violence continues. “