Brad Pitt stands model

Although Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been apart for several years, they are both still connected to their French wine brand Miraval. The winery comes with a new rosรฉ, Miraval Rosรฉ Vintage 2020, for which Brad Pitt is a model in the advertising campaign. This reports People.

Brad, who has been producing Miraval wines since 2012, posed only once before for his own label. It was then about the rosรฉ champagne that Miraval brought to market last summer.

With this new wine from him and Angelina, he is actually part of the marketing campaign and he never did so before. Brad was photographed by Lachlan Bailey, a photographer from Los Angeles, who shared a wallet photo of the Hollywood star on his Instagram three weeks ago. Pitt can be seen in the campaign in a black and white photo shot at a pool. In this way, the actor hopes to convince wine lovers of the feeling he has in French Provence: that of lovers of life.

Brad and Angelina started their business in 2012 and were successful quite quickly. When they broke up in 2016, they decided to preserve their French mansion and associated vineyards and continue to produce their wine. They did this, according to insiders, for their children. โ€œIf this continues to be successful, the children will also have something to build on.โ€