Brand new Dutch emergency hospital burned down in Moria

Last night’s fire at the Moria migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesvos also completely destroyed an emergency hospital paid for by the Netherlands. The emergency hospital was intended for corona testing.

The hospital had been handed over to relief workers in the camp two weeks ago and had just been put into use, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thought is still being given as to whether a new hospital should be sent now. No decision has been made yet.

Emergency aid

Minister Kaag for Development Cooperation has made as much as 1 million euros available for emergency aid to Greece. That money is intended for shelter, shelter and basic needs such as food, medical aid and psychosocial support.

“We stand in solidarity with the refugees and migrants and with the Greeks,” says Kaag. “It is terrible that so many people in the reception camp, where conditions were already so dramatic, have been affected by the fires. Our priority now is to provide humane shelter.”

Hospital just new

The fact that the Netherlands donated the hospital was indirectly related to the criticism of Southern European countries last spring on Minister of Finance Hoekstra. They blamed him for a harsh stance when he sharply rejected requests for help from these countries, which had been severely affected by the corona- pandemic.

The Hague sources confirm that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indicated to the EU its intention to provide assistance where necessary and possible in this respect. When Greece subsequently asked ‘Brussels’ for an emergency hospital, that request was passed on to the Netherlands and the emergency hospital was shipped to Greece. The Greek government decided that it would be placed in Moria.

The emergency hospital was only just in use:

The emergency hospital involved a million euros. The construction was in the hands of the Dutch company Hospitainer, manufacturer of field hospitals in Vaassen. Bart Kruijsen of Hospitainer says that the emergency hospital has become unusable.