Brands: ‘I told Ancelotti: win next week and you get a plane’

Marcel Brands looks back on his era at Everton with mixed emotions. The general manager at PSV had wanted to miss his stint at Goodison Park for no gold, although running an English club turned out to be more difficult than expected.
Brands states that Evertons owner, British-Iranian businessman Farhad Moshir, was almost never present, but determined the policy. Carlo Ancelotti, Ronald Koeman and Marco Silva, among others, had to clear the field, while Brands disagreed. โ€œAncelotti, who won the Champions League four times. Not only a great trainer, but also a fantastic person. And Ronald Koeman noticed it tooโ€, he has recorded by De Cceit.
โ€œHe did a great job the first year and had a difficult start in the season following with all top teams in the first nine games. And then it was the immediate end of the story. Surely you can
t say that Koeman, Silva and Ancelotti are the wrong trainers. Its just really hard to get a grip on the club, if success doesnt come immediately.โ€
Brands adds that it also works the other way. โ€œWe played a great game under Carlo Ancelotti at Tottenham Hotspur and then he just got a new Rolls Royce,โ€ he recalls. โ€œCarlo came to me and said, โ€œLook. I say, well, win at home next week and you get a plane. We cant imagine that kind of thing, but it really happens.โ€