Branson spacecraft hit course during flight, US aviation authority investigates issues

The US aviation authority FAA is investigating the space flight that Virgin Galactic, billionaire Richard Bransons aerospace company, conducted on July 11. The New Yorker reported Wednesday that Bransons spacecraft would have fallen off course during the flight. A FAA spokesperson confirms that the missile โ€œfollowed a different jobโ€ than that pre-recorded with air traffic control.

According to The New Yorker, the problems would have arisen at about 32 kilometers above the Earths surface, where the rocket would not have flown vertically enough. The spacecraft was launched at an altitude of more than 15 kilometres from a carrier plane. After that, the rocket flew into the space where the crew was weightless for a few minutes before the drop to Earth was deployed. On board the aircraft were two pilots and three mission specialists in addition to Branson.