Bravest rat in the world quits his job as a mineshunter and retire

Magawa the rat is quitting his job as a mineshunter. The rat received a gold medal last year for his heroic deeds.

After a five-year career, its over for Magawa. The rat tracked 71 landmines and dozens of explosives in Cambodia, but now its time for his retirement. The rat is now seven years old and his owner wants to respect his age.


landmine detector

was trained as a landmine detector in the training and research centre of Apopo, an NGO based at Sokoine University in Tanzania. Magawa isnt the only rat who was trained there. The HerorATs, as the animals are called there, have been tracking down land mines since the 90s. After a year of training, they can start. Theyre specifically trained to track the explosive material thats in a landmine.


lot larger

Magawa belongs to the African giant hamster rats and is much bigger than the rats that live in our country. But hes light enough not to ignite the landmines when he walks over it.