Brawls, chases and neon in new Cobra Throw Spin-Off Trailerโ€

Paramount Pictures unveils new trailer for โ€œCobra Throwโ€ franchise spin-off about a bereaver nicknamed Snake Ise. The story of the hero tells of the hero‘s past who saves one of members of the Japanese clan of fighters, and later joins their ranks. But the old sins cause the character, and he will have to test his newly acquired skills for strength โ€” and not lose his confidence.

The protagonist is played by Henry Golding (& laquo; Gentlemenโ€) as well as in the film are played by Samara Wiving, Ursula Corbero, Iko Wyse and Peter Mensa. The picture was directed by Robert Schwentke (โ€œThe Time Traveller’s Wifeโ€) โ€” premieres on July 22.

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