Brazilian soccer association draws equal fees for men and women

The Brazilian football federation CBF has equalized the fees and premiums of male and female internationals. The measure was already introduced in March for the Tournoi de France, but has only now been brought out.

The compensations after a call for the Brazilian team and when participating in major tournaments will be the same, as well as the profit premiums, for example for Neymar and Marta, the star of the Brazilian women.

“There are no more differences, because the CBF treats men and women equally,” said federal president Rogerio Caboclo at a press conference.

Norway was the first

The difference in pay between male and female football players has been a hot topic for years. In 2017, Norway was the first country to equate pay for women with pay for men. Also in New Zealand and Australia the salaries for players of the national team have been equalised.

In the Netherlands, an agreement was reached last year on a step-by-step salary increase for the soccer players. From 2023, the salary for the Dutchmen and women will be at the same level.


But it doesn’t happen by itself in every country. The Danish football players received a substantial salary increase in 2017, but that only happened after a long-term conflict in which the internationals even went on strike.

The American football players, world champion and much more successful than their male colleagues, have been fighting a battle with their league over equal treatment for years. That even led to a lawsuit. In May, a judge in Los Angeles rejected the women’s claim for the same honor as the men.