Brazilian Supreme Court investigates corruption Bolsonaro when buying vaccine

The Brazilian Supreme Court opens an investigation into President Bolsonaro. He would have been aware of possible corruption within the Ministry of Health on an order of 20 million doses of the coronavaccine Covaxin.

The investigation will be initiated at the request of the Attorney General of Brazil. Bolsonaro would have played a role in a potentially fraudulent deal between the Brazilian government and Bharat Biotech, an Indian producer of corona vaccines among others. Bolsonaro denies involvement and says he was unaware of clues of corruption.

A health ministry whistleblower said he personally reminded the President that he had been pressurised by his superiors to buy the vaccines. Despite that warning, the President did not take any action, he is being reprobed.

Demonstrations against Bolsonaro

The contract with the pharmacist is also being investigated by federal prosecutors and legislators to overcome why the government concluded a rapid agreement with a producer‘s intermediary after Pfizer offers for vaccines at a lower price were ignored.

Ten thousand Brazilians took to the streets in major cities today. They demand Bolsonaro’s departure because they say he is responsible for the high number of coronadodes in Brazil.

Since the pandemic outbreak, more than 500,000 people have died of the virus. Bolsonaro has invariably toned the severity of the pandemic. A committee of inquiry is investigating corona policy.