Breakdancer and Eefje de Visser at Song Contest

HILVERSUM – The South Holland breakdancer Redo (Redouan Ait Chitt) will be opening the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, on 20 May in Ahoy Rotterdam.

He will perform the act together with Eefje de Visser, who is currently writing a new song together with musician leader Eric van Tijn.

The talented breakdancer (31) goes into rematch. He was already selected for the opening act of the second semi-final last year. Redo has a disability. He lacks a number of fingers, has a short arm on one side and lacks a hip joint. But he belongs to the top of the Dutch dance world.

Dance Prize

โ€œThe dancer is an example for anyone who thinks disability is a limitation that prevents you from doing what you want to achieveโ€, let the organisation of the Song Contest know. Two years ago he received the ‘Swan’, the most important Dutch dance prize, in the category โ€œMost impressive dance performanceโ€.

With his dance act, Redo will tell his life story. De Visser (35) takes care of the vocals. Twelve years ago she won the Grand Prix of the Netherlands.

De Visser is known for her hypnotic synth pop with exalted vocals. Actually she always sings in Dutch, but for the Song Contest an English-language song is made. Songs like About and Heart Rate are her popular songs. โ€œOur performance is about resilience and connection,โ€ says the singer. โ€œAnd we say that cooperation can achieve more.โ€