Breakthrough: conspiracy thinking ‘guru’ is behind kidnapping Mia (8)

There has been a breakthrough in the spectacular abduction case of the French girl Mia (8), who was found alive in Switzerland on Sunday. The politician Frenchman Rรฉmy Daillet-Wiedemann, the guru of a movement of conspiracy thinkers, would be behind it.

France was under the spell of the kidnapping for a week. The eight-year-old, who temporarily lived with her grandmother, was taken by a group of conspiracy thinkers on Tuesday 13 April at the request of her own mother. A few days later, she was found alive in the presence of her mother in Switzerland.

The 54-year-old Daillet-Wiedemann was an equally politician of the French Central Democratic Party Mouvement Dรฉmocrate (ModรฉM), but now leads his own far-right movement from Malaysia. The movement has only one goal: to overthrow the French state, which he calls a dictatory. Only in this way would the French be able to get away with 5G, mass vaccinations and paedophiles in the highest locations.

On his website Renversement Gouvernement Franรงais there are tips on how to hide abroad and how to give your child home education. The French security service has been watching Daillet-Wiedemann and his movement for a long time.

According to the Nancy Justice Department, it soon became clear that Rรฉmy Daillet-Wiedemann was behind the kidnapping. He would have initiated an entire military operation to kidnap Mia at her grandmothers house. The girl had to be saved, as the ex-politician said to the French BFM TV.