Breath for hospitals: slight decrease in the number of coronapatics

The number of coronapatics in hospitals has declined further in the last 24 hours. Hospitals currently treat 1859 people because of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Thats four less than the previous day, reports the National Coordination Centre Patient Distribution (LCPS). Between Saturday morning and Sunday morning, 3497 new coronavirus cases were recorded. That is above the average over the last seven days of 3390 per day.

530 of the admitted patients are in intensive care, a decrease of eight patients compared to the day before, and 1329 in nursing departments, four more patients.

According to the LCPS, hospital occupation by corona is currently following a predominantly declining trend. โ€œWe expect this to continue the next week. We are following developments with regard to the British variant very closely, as its emergence may lead to an increase in the number of infections and hospitalizations in the coming weeks.โ€

There is

still no talk of a sharp upswing by the British or any other mutation – as feared by the Cabinet -. There were 3497 people tested positive in the last day. That is above the average over the last seven days of 3390 per day, but lower than before in the crisis.

The number of new infections on Saturday has been adjusted from 4229 to 4204. Over the past seven days, the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) received 23,729 reports of positive tests.

Death toll

The number of deaths from corona increased by 23, on Saturday 67 deaths were reported. The mortality rates do not mean that all those people have died in the last 24 hours, because deaths are sometimes recorded only after a while. Our country has a total of about 15,000 corona-related deaths.

In Amsterdam, the virus was detected 195 times last 24 hours, in Rotterdam 90 inhabitants tested positive. 85 infections were confirmed in The Hague, 80 in Eindhoven and 58 in Hoorn.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, almost a year ago, more than a million Dutch people have been tested positive. The actual numbers of infections and deaths are expected to be higher.