Breathedge creators prepare for February release

Russian studio RedRuins Softworks has yet to name an exact release date from the early access of its space adventure Breathedge. But the release trailer has already been posted on IGN‘s channel. And it concentrates the whole essence of the game: epic spaces of the galaxy, the harshness of survival in space and unexpected humor.

In the release version 1. 0 we are waiting for three new story chapters, which finally The fate of the story of Man, Green, Underbots and space debris will be clear.

They plan to focus more on actions and events and less on crafts and inventions. The campaign will take more than two dozen hours.

Breathedge release will take place in late February or early March. And soon after, thanks to the publishing house HypeTrain Digital, the game will appear on consoles.

Developers remind that the price of Breathedge will rise by the release. More on CCeit In Godlike Burger it’s dangerous to leave unfried witnesses IGN revealed a bout with Iron Maiden in action film Rustler Platige Image revealed how filmed the trailer for The Medium.