Bright red flood at Indonesian village with batik factory

The Indonesian village of Jenggot seems to have flooded with blood, after a flood has washed away masses of red dye from a local batik factory. The images from the village led to a lot of excitement on social media on Saturday.

Thousands of Twitter users shared photos and videos of the Javanese village under the crimson water. Some say the water reminds them of blood. โ€œI‘m so afraid that this picture will get into the hands of a hoax distributor,โ€ says a tweitterer. โ€œAnxious stories of the end of the world, rivers of blood, et cetera…โ€

The area around the town of Pekalongan, where the village is located, is known as a production centre for batik, a traditional Indonesian method where wax is used to make waterproof paint for patterns on clothing, for example.

The fact that rivers near Pekalongan take special colours is not exceptional. Another village north of the city was colored green earlier last month. โ€œSometimes there are also purple puddles on the road,โ€ writes a twitterer.

Pekalongan’s disaster service confirms the authenticity of the images. โ€œThe red flood comes from the batik paint, which has come into contact with the water. It disappears after a while when diluted by the rain,โ€ said the head of the Disaster Service.