Brit succeeds in evacuation over 150 dogs and cats from Kabul

A Briton has succeeded in evacuating more than 150 dogs and cats from the Afghan capital Kabul. Ex-military Paul Farthing managed to fly the animals from his shelter in Afghanistan safely over to London. The veteran also wanted to bring the more than twenty staff of the shelter and their family members, but they did not succeed.

As a result, he was the only person in a fan-chartered and fan-paid plane. Farthing decided to do the operation following the takeover of power by the radical alislamic Taliban. According to the Taliban, the staff did not have the right papers to enter Kabul Airport. There will still be attempts to get the staff away.

Farthings rescue operation is highly controversial in Britain. One is the animal lover as a hero. For the other, the whole action is pure waste of money and material, especially now that many Afghans have to lag behind. Farthing served in Afghanistan during the international military mission. Then he opened an animal shelter in the country.