British and French Prime Ministers receive Astrazeneca vaccine on Friday

Both British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French Head of Government Jean Castex will receive the coronavaccin from AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford on Friday. Several EU countries have suspended use of the British Swedish pharmaceutical product as a precaution, but on Thursday the European Medicines Agency EMA confirmed that it is safe.

The United Kingdom continued to use the Astrazeneca vaccine. โ€œOxford‘s shot is safe and Pfizer’s shot is safe,โ€ Johnson said at a press conference. โ€œWhat‘s not safe is getting Covid, and that’s why it‘s so important that we all get our shots as soon as it’s our turn.โ€

The 56-year-old Johnson said earlier this week that it will be his turn soon. The Prime Minister, who himself became infected with the coronavirus almost a year ago and had to be treated in intensive care before that, repeatedly called the Astrazeneca vaccine safe and very effective.

France had stopped the use of AstraZeneca, but is now continuing, as is Italy, among others. Premier Castex (55) gets his shot Friday, reported tv channel BFM TV.