British away from Afghanistan, together with the French call for UN zone in Kabul

The last British military in Afghanistan left the country. This ended the British military presence in the country after 20 years. Earlier in the day, the last British evacuation flight with civilians left.

The British have evacuated around 15,000 people since mid-August, including over 2100 children. According to the British Army Commander, many hundreds of Afghans who were eligible for evacuation have been left behind in the country. On Friday, defense spoke of between 800 and 1100 Afghans who are allowed to come to Britain but are trapped in the Asian country. Also 100 to 150 British people had not been evacuated at that time.

Safe Zone

The US asked other countries to leave Kabul last few days so that U.S. troops can leave by Tuesday. To ensure that people can safely leave Afghanistan after that time, French President Emmanuel Macron advocates a safe zone in Kabul. On Monday, the French and British are presenting a proposal to an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

โ€œOur resolution proposal aims to delineate a safe zone in Kabul, under the control of the UN so that humanitarian operations can continue,โ€ Macron said in the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

New Attacked Warning

Meanwhile, the threat at the airport has increased again. The U.S. Embassy in Kabul has called on all Americans near the airport to leave the area due to a โ€œspecific, credible threatโ€. More details are not given.

On board an airplane that had evacuees from Afghanistan from Dubai to Birmingham, a baby was born on Saturday. The girl was born at 10 kilometers high and is called Havva. Earlier this week there was a birth during such a flight:

President Biden warned of another attack at Kabul Airport yesterday. US commanders called an attack โ€œvery likelyโ€ within 24 to 36 hours. An anonymous airport security officer reports to Reuters news agency that groups of people at the airport gates have narrowed down since the latest warnings about a possible new terrorist attack.

According to the official, about 1,000 civilians still need to be evacuated at the airport by the Americans. Dozens of Afghans and American soldiers were killed on Thursday, during an attack at the airport.

The airport entered the final stage of the departure of US troops. There are now less than 4,000 U.S. soldiers at the airport. That was 5800 earlier this week.

According to the Americans, since the fall of Kabul, on August 15, they have removed more than 100,000 people from the city. It is unclear if there are the people picked up by allies.