British baby George in park found by husky: mother without trace

The British city of Birmingham is under the spell of a baby found in a park. The newborn baby was found by a husky.

On released footage from the police, a woman walks away from the park. It may be about the mother. The police want to offer her help and suspect that she is physically or mentally in trouble.

The baby would have been only a few hours old, when he was left in the park, reports The Daily Mail. A hospital called the child George, because he was found last week on Saint-George‘s Day, also known as St. George’s Day. That‘s a national holiday in England.

The police decided this Thursday to give the case more attention and spread pictures of the baby, hoping for a breakthrough. โ€œBaby George is healthy and well. Sadly, we still haven’t been able to find his mother. We are worried about her,โ€ said a police spokesman at a press conference. โ€œShe is now our first priority,โ€ adds a detective.

Sniffing dog

A passerby found the baby together with his dog Hell. Without his four-legged friend, he would have walked through, says 64-year-old Terry Walsh to British media. He initially saw only a discarded blanket lying, but Hel pressed his nose affectionately towards the whole rolled up. โ€œSuddenly I heard a baby crying. I think Hel woke up the baby with his nose and warmth from his fur.โ€