British Cat Killer (54) Finally Caught: Enigmatic Attack Wave Solved

Former security guard Steve Bouquet (54) has been convicted of stabbing and killing numerous cats. The British press describes him as Brightons cat killer. He may have robbed many more four-legged friends of life.

Bouquet was also part of the British Navy. For months, cats in Brighton, England, died in a mysterious way. A tip to the police led to the 54-year-old man. Camera footage, on which a cat named Hendrix is attacked, also helped to arrest the man. He worked as a security guard in a mall.

He would have stabbed and left at least 16 cats on the street. Nine cats failed to survive the attack. Bouquet usually struck at night, leaving few traces. According to The Daily Mail, photos of killed four-legged friends were found on the suspects phone. A bloody knife was also found in his kitchen. There may be a prison sentence for him now.

The mans phone records show that he was always near where battered cats were found. The wave of attacks on pets took place particularly in 2018 and 2019 and left the owners bewildered. โ€œJust the thought that a knife is inserted into your beloved pet is a serious matter,โ€ the judge spoke. โ€œThat should follow consequences.โ€