British court approves move Unilever

The British High Court has approved Unilevers plans to become a full British company on paper. This means that the move will be completed on 29 November.

Unilever now has both a British and a Dutch division and headquarters in London and Rotterdam. The Dutch and British shareholders already agreed to the plan to merge the existing headquarters in London.

Previously, top man Alan Jope stressed the importance of the merger for long-term growth. According to him, this creates room for acquisitions and creates a level playing field compared to the competitors.

Full British

Unilever announced in June to give up its dual British-Dutch structure and to become completely British on paper. The announcement follows a comprehensive one-and-a-half year study into possibilities for simplifying the structure of the company.

However, a new Dutch law can still throw soot in the food. Recently, it became known that GroenLinks is enforcing the emergency law which hopes to prevent companies from relocating to a country where no dividend tax is levied and thus avoiding tax.