British Eithan (7) overwhelms with hugs and cards after grandma call on Facebook

A British child (7) who lost his beloved cuddly rabbit on holiday home has been overwhelmed with gifts and cards after a message from his grandmother on social media. Also from abroad, cuddles for the little boy, Ethan, are sent.

7-year-old Eithan came to an end in July after he forgot his Peter Rabbit by an enthusiastic sprint to the beach (who is first), after a bus ride on holiday in Devon. โ€œHe was totally inconsolable,โ€ Mother Sam tells the BBC. The conscious bus company was unable to find out the stuffed animal.

Grandma wanted to accommodate her grandson by posting a message on Facebook hoping to find the hug. Since then, tickets, hugs and other gifts have been coming in spontaneously from all over the world, even to Japan and Australia. The sender? Peter Rabbit.

โ€œTo the Olympicsโ€

One of the cards: โ€œGood day Ethan. Flopsy and I jumped on a plane and arrived in Australia.โ€ Other tickets also tell you about the adventures that Peter is going through. โ€œPeople really take it to heart. Its great,โ€ said Mother Sam. Another letter mentions a visit to the Tokyo Olympics.

Meanwhile, according to British broadcaster, a double of Peter Rabbit has been sent to the address in Worcestershire, shrouded in Englands kit and with suitcase and a girlfriend. Grandma: โ€œHe was so happy and happy about it. I havent seen him like that in times.โ€