British ex-cop gets life for murder Sarah Everard

British ex-agent Wayne Couzens has been found guilty of Sarah Everards murder. The London court also considers proven to have kidnapped and raped the victim. The 48-year-old man has been sentenced to a life sentence.

Couzens first claimed that a criminal gang was responsible for what happened to Everard (33), but admitted to being guilty of kidnapping, rape and murder last summer. The now-dismissed cop kidnapped Everard by pretending to arrest her.

The kidnapping took place on March 3, when the victim walked home in London after a dinner party. Couzens and Everard were โ€œtotal strangersโ€ to each other, according to the prosecutor. The womans body was found a week later in a forest area in the south west of England. Couzens had already been apprehended back then.

Sky News reports that Couzens are very likely to no longer be released. According to the British news station, to life convicts are eligible for release only in very exceptional circumstances and sixty people were in prison with this sentence at the end of June.

Everards missing and death led to a major fuss about womens safety on the street in the UK. Women shared their experiences of harassment and threatening situations on the streets in mass social media. The British government promised to take action after Everards death.