British family sues tour operator for “food poisoning”, but falls in court through the basket

A British family has been sentenced to suspended imprisonment for falsely claiming that they had received food poisoning on vacation. In court, photos and videos made by the family themselves on Facebook were the decisive factor.

When Christopher Byng (38), Barbara Byng (64), Linda Lane (36) and Anthony Byng (66) from Middlesbrough went to the Canary Islands in November 2016, it was a trip to forget quickly. At least, that‘s what the four claimed when they filed a complaint against travel organizer Jet2Holidays.

The quartet claimed that they soon had to deal with stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, headache and cold sweat because they had received food poisoning and that because of this they had nothing to do with the holiday. That’s why they asked for damages from Jet2Holidays, reports Nieuwsblad.


In court, sweat broke out with the British for another reason. The defense went out there with photos and videos of their holiday that the complainants had posted on social media. On it you can see how they go off the slide, swim and drink at the bar. Many signs of illness could not be seen there, according to the judge, especially after the defense put forward a survey that Christopher Byng had completed after the holiday. In it he stated that he was very satisfied.

Three of the four complainants have been sentenced to four months in prison for contempt of the court, Linda Lane receives a parole sentence.