British former parliamentarian 1.5 years in prison for 15-year-old sexual assault

In London, a former MP has been convicted of assaulting a 15-year-old boy. 48-year-old Imran Ahmad Khan is jailed for 1.5 years, the judge ruled. Early last month, Khan was already expelled from the Conservative Party.

The sexual assault happened in 2008 in the victim‘s bedroom, while his parents were having a party. Khan, not yet a member of the Commons at the time, tried to get the boy drunk with gin and offered to watch porn together on his laptop. The boy didn’t want to know about it. When the victim lay down in his bunk bed, Khan groped him at his crotch, among other things.

The victim was left โ€œscared and shocked,โ€ the now 29-year-old declared in court. He did his story against the police at the time, but did not make an official report. That only happened in 2019, when Khan ran for election.

According to the judge, Khan did not show any form of repentance. Despite this, Khan received a lower sentence than expected. He has never been convicted before, may not have known how old the victim was and has lost all his status, the judge reasoned. The judge also observed Khan‘s personal circumstances; this is how he takes care of his mother.

More scandals

Prime Minister Johnson’s Conservatives have more similar, painful issues in his stomach. Last week another MP was suspended as he is suspected of sexual assault and rape. The name of this suspect has not been made public.

Yet another MP, David Warburton, has been suspended for investigation into three possible sexual harassment cases. And at the end of April, a Conservative MP quit for watching porn twice in the House of Commons.