British government announces tougher course against illegal immigrants

On the third day of the Conservative Party Congress, the British Home Secretary announced that it would further tighten asylum policy. The intention is that no one who enters the country illegally may apply for more asylum. โ€œIf you enter our country illegally from a safe country, you should be sent back to your home country or deported to Rwanda,โ€ Minister Braverman said.

In her

own words, she wants to put a definitive end to boat migrants crossing the Channel, something her predecessors also wanted. Anyone who enters the country via that route will be deported inexorably, she says. She also reiterated her partys earlier commitment to reduce the number of people migrating to the UK to โ€œtens of thousandsโ€, instead of the current figure of 239,000.

The right to seek asylum is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Rwanda Plan

Earlier, the new minister admitted to The Telegraph that her โ€œdreamโ€ and โ€œobsessionโ€ is to deport migrants to Rwanda. At the conference, she expressed the ambition โ€œto have the first flights to Rwanda depart before Christmas.

The plan for flights to Rwanda comes from the previous government (under Boris Johnson) and was defended to the bone by former minister Priti Patel. The Johnson administration hoped to deter migrants. The new minister wants to continue her predecessor Patels controversial plan.

Braverman previously acknowledged that the Rwanda plan โ€œwill be a long time to comeโ€, due to legal obstacles. The first flight, which should have left last June, was stopped at the last minute by the European Court of Human Rights.

Although the UK is no longer part of the European Union, it is still bound by such regulations. Braverman wants to get rid of that in the future, just like many other members of the Tories.

More patrols on The Channel

In the meantime, Braverman wants to increase the number of sea patrols between France and England to intercept boats.

According to the BBC, around 33,500 people have ventured across the Channel since the beginning of this year. Thats more than in the whole of 2021, mainly involving migrants from Albania, Iran and Afghanistan. The number may rise to 60,000 people this year.

Charitable organization Care4Calais has reacted with horror to the Reuters news agency to the plans. According to the organization, most migrants coming to the UK are refugees.

Yesterday, the party congress in Birmingham also led to news. Then Prime Minister Truss and her Finance Minister Kwarteng announced that the most controversial part of the new economic plans had crossed.

The government decided to refrain from lowering the tax on the highest incomes anyway. The plan had caused panic in the financial markets the week before and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had warned against allowing the tax cut to take place.