British government calls to stay home during Prince Philips funeral

The British government calls on the British not to come to the royal palaces tomorrow before Prince Philips funeral.

โ€œ Although it is a particularly difficult period for many, we ask the public not to come to the royal residences or gather thereโ€, read in a tweet from the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport.

People in Windsor, where tomorrows funeral is, think not everyone stays home:

Previously, there was also a request not to drop flowers on the palaces of the British royal family, but little response was given.

The ministry also gives some tips on how to follow the funeral and how to show sympathy: stay at home and join the 1 minutes silence that will be held tomorrow at 3pm for the prince, sign the digital condolence register and follow the ceremony on television .

In addition, it is also possible to make a donation to one of the organizations of which Prince Philip was patron. A list of these is published on the website of the British Royal House.