British in blind panic to pumping stations: Prime Minister Johnson considers army deployment

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering deploying the army to help reduce the dire fuel shortages at many pumping stations. In large cities in the United Kingdom, there are growing shortages at petrol stations because of a lack of truck drivers in sufficient fuel supply and motorists have been hoarding massively, resulting in long queues at petrol stations.

The British Cabinet will talk on Monday about deploying soldiers to drive fuel trucks to pumping stations. Last weekend Johnson decided to provide thousands of visas to foreign truckers in the short term to alleviate driver shortages.

London has also suspended certain competition regulations that allow companies to exchange more information among themselves to better reduce fuel shortages. This makes it easier to supply locations with the highest priority.

The industry association of British pump station holders said Monday that more and more pumps are falling dry in big cities, sometimes as much as 90 percent. Major oil companies like BP have already had to close locations due to the shortages. Restrictions have also been introduced around the amount of fuel that motorists can fuel.