British minister: Russia wants to appoint pro-Russian leader in Ukraine

Britain says the Kremlin is trying to appoint a pro-Russian leader in the Ukrainian parliament. It was supposed to be the former Ukrainian parliamentarian Yevchen Murayev.

Russian intelligence agents are also said to have had contact with a number of former Ukrainian politicians as part of plans for an invasion.

The UK Department of Foreign Affairs does not want to say where this information comes from. According to a source at the ministry, it is not common to share intelligence issues and the details have only been released after careful consideration with the aim of deterring Russian aggression.

‘A huge strategic flaw’

In a statement, the British Foreign Minister says that a Russia raid into Ukraine is โ€œa huge strategic mistakeโ€ with serious consequences. She also calls on Russia to de-escalate and โ€œwalk the path of diplomacyโ€.

The Kremlin and Yevchen Murayev did not respond to the British statement.

The relationship between Russia and Ukraine has been under high tension since Russia began building a force on the border with Ukraine last November.