British musicians require visa regime for tours

Over a hundred British artists have signed an open letter addressed to the government demanding that they be able to perform without visas in the European Union. Elton John, Liam Gallagher, Sting, Brian May and the band members of Radiohead put their name under the letter, which will be in The Times on Wednesday.

They say that the government has dropped them. According to the BBC, the signatories, including a large number of classical musicians, want the government to ensure that EU artists and bands can perform in the UK without red tape.

On Tuesday, the British Ministry of Culture confirmed that it had rejected an EU offer for visa-free tours for artists and their crew. Minister Caroline Dinesage stated that the proposal was too broad and therefore did not fit within the governments objective of guarding our borders. She said she was prepared to continue talking with the EU if the Union would consider the British very reasonable proposal.

Since Brexit it has been a lot harder for British bands, artists and their entourage to go on tour in Europe. For example, it is now necessary to arrange a separate visa for each country they apply, which makes it more complicated and expensive to give European shows.