British outrage about fate alpaca Geronimo

The euthanasia of alpaca Geronimo is a big deal of concern in the United Kingdom. Authorities let the mountain lama fall asleep on Tuesday because he was infected with a serious illness. Government personnel arrived under police guard at a farm in Wickwar on Tuesday to pick up Geronimo.

Geronimo is from New Zealand and has been in the UK since August 2017. There, the animal has repeatedly tested positive for a form of tuberculosis. Owner Helen Macdonald questioned the reliability of those tests and waged in vain a legal battle to save Geronimo.

Macdonald wasn‘t alone in her desire to save the alpaca from euthanasia. A petition to save the life of the animal yielded nearly 150,000 signatures. Prominent Brits as TV presenter Chris Packham and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s father are also supporting the campaign to save Geronimo, according to the BBC.

Pro-Geronimo protesters travelled through the government center in London in early August to demand that the life of the alpaca be spared. Media also pay a lot of attention to the fate of the animal. However, the authorities did not let themselves mourn. According to Defra‘s responsible public service, the test taken in the animal is very reliable.

demonstrators had to watch the little llama at Macdonald’s farm surrounded by police officers loaded and discharged into a vehicle. At the stay of the alpaca, banners were left with inscriptions like โ€œWe are Geronimo.โ€