British Prime Minister Johnson secretly married to Symonds

British Prime Minister Johnson is married to Carrie Symonds. The ceremony at Westminster Cathedral was in small circle yesterday and was previously kept secret, reports Johnson‘s office.

British media reported last night and last night about the marriage, after Westminster was suddenly closed in the afternoon. Also bystanders saw Symonds getting out of a limousine with a long white dress shortly afterwards.

Fellow politicians congratulate the couple:

According to several media, all sorts of measures had been taken to keep the wedding secret. The guests were not invited to the ceremony until the last minute, and even the senior officials around Johnson were not informed.

In a statement, Johnson’s office speaks of a small ceremony. “The couple will celebrate the wedding next summer with family and friends.”

Due to the coronavirus, up to 30 guests can attend weddings in the UK.

Third marriage

The 56-year-old Johnson and 33-year-old Symonds have been together since early 2019, according to British media. Symonds was head of information for the Conservative Party. When Johnson became Prime Minister two years ago, she moved in with him on 10 Downing Street. Shortly afterwards, they announced their engagement and last year they had a son, Wilfred Johnson.

It‘s the third time Johnson’s married. His previous marriage ended in 2018, and in a radio interview in 2019 he refused to say how many children he had.