British Prime Minister Johnson sees four close employees step up

British Prime Minister Johnson must continue without four of his closest employees. They‘re all stepping up. It concerns policy chief Munira Mirza, director of communications Jack Doyle, private secretary Martin Reynolds and chief of staff Dan Rosenfield.

Mirza’s resignation was the first to be announced today. She steps out of discontent with a comment from Johnson about opposition leader Keir Starmer. According to Johnson, he would have failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile as a prosecutor. That TV host abused hundreds of women and children, it appeared after she died in 2011.

According to Mirza, the allegations to Starmer‘s address were misleading. She thinks Johnson should apologize and called it โ€œincredibly saddeninglyโ€ that he was doing himself a disservice with the โ€œdefamatory remarksโ€. Johnson took his words back partly today, but did not apologize.

Doyle announced his resignation a short time later, but his decision, according to him, had nothing to do with Mirza’s decision. The commotion in recent weeks had taken a heavy toll on his family life, he stated, but he had always planned to quit after two years.

Tonight it became clear that Rosenfield and Reynolds also offered their resignation from Johnson. Both were already under fire for their involvement in the controversial lockdown parties at Downingstreet 10, Reynolds hosted the rumored Bring Your Own Booze drink. That party took place during a period when the British government had set a strict lockdown for the whole country.