British Prime Minister Johnson under fire within his own party for corona plans

Within Boris Johnsons own conservative party, dozens of parliamentarians in the British House of Commons voted against the Prime Ministers new measures against the spread of the omikron variant.

Due to the lightning-fast spread of the omikron variant, Johnson wants to oblige work from home, tighten the face mask duty and introduce a corona pass to enter nightclubs and events, for example.

The measures were finally adopted by 369 to 126 votes thanks to the Labour opposition party. Within Johnsons own conservative party, nearly a hundred parliamentarians voted against the proposals.

Some of them think that some measures go too far and affect the freedom of citizens too much. Others are criticizing Johnsons way of dealing with a series of scandals surrounding parties in his office during last years severe lockdown, which have caused the party to plummet in polls.