British Prince Philip (99) ‘precaution’ admitted to hospital

British Prince Philip (99) was hospitalized last night. According to Buckingham Palace, this happens as a precaution, because Queen Elizabeths husband has not been feeling well for several days.

A statement by the British royal family states that Philip, who bears the title of Duke of Edinburgh, was admitted to London hospital King Edward VII on the advice of his doctor. It is expected that he will stay there for several days, for observation and for rest.

No corona

A source around the royal family says Philip has no corona-related complaints. He would have walked into the hospital last night without help.

Boris Johnsons office says about hospitalization: โ€œThe Prime Minister wishes the Duke of Edinburgh all the best, as he will rest for a few days in the hospital.โ€

Queen Elizabeth (94) remains in Windsor Castle, the palace near London where the royal couple resided since the beginning of the coronacrisis.


Philip has almost stopped appearing in public since 3.5 years. Because of his advanced age and brittle health, he retired in 2017.

In 2019 Philip was still involved in a traffic accident, in which the occupants of another car were slightly injured. He said he was blinded by the sun, but according to one of the others involved, it was cloudy that day. A few weeks later, the prince voluntarily handed in his drivers license.