British Research: A Third Infected Teens Compress Long Covid

Nearly a third of teenagers infected with the coronavirus face problems three months later. Children aged 11 to 17 report persistent symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath, is shown in a British study of prolonged corona symptoms in young people, also known as lung Covid.

The scientists base their conclusions on approximately 7,000 questionnaire responses. They selected young people tested between January and March. They compared those who tested positive with a control group. The individuals in that group were negative but had Covid-like symptoms that could have been caused by other infections. The findings have not yet been reviewed by peers.

In Britain, corona vaccines are not offered to teenagers aged 12 to 15 years, unless, for example, they have Down syndrome.

Previous research revealed that more than 6 percent of adults in Britain suffer from long-term consequences of coronation infection. In the Netherlands, Long Covid Netherlands Patient Group estimated the number of long-term COVID patients at 100,000. That would amount to nearly 6 percent of the number of infections recorded so far.