British teen sued for shooting BLM activist

An 18-year-old British male was charged on Friday for conspiracy to murder a Black Lives Matter activist who was shot at a London house party last weekend. The London police announced the charges Friday night. Victim Sasha Johnson is still in critical condition.

Johnson (27) was at a house party in the Southwark district Sunday in the early hours when four men in black clothes came into the house from the garden and opened fire. Johnson was hit in the head.

The British police picked up five people on Wednesday in connection with the shooting incident. Four of the detainees were released on bail two days later. The fifth person, an 18-year-old man from the South London district of Lewisham, remains in custody for the time being and is brought to court on Sunday.

Sasha Johnson is an active participant in the British Black Lives Matter movement and is a member of the Taking The Initiative Party. Although police have said that Johnson was not shot because of her activism, her party has expressed concerns about her safety.